COVID-19 Surveillance Digital Data Package

DHIS2 has released a digital data package to accelerate case detection, situation reporting, active surveillance and response for COVID-19. The package is inspired by the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka’s pioneering design of DHIS2 tracker for COVID-19 case detection and draws on years of collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop information system standards for case-based disease surveillance. The COVID-19 digital data package includes standard metadata aligned with the WHO’s technical guidance on COVID-19 surveillance and case definitions and implementation guidance to enable rapid deployment in countries.

DHIS2 is currently being used for COVID-19 Surveillance in countries around the world. Explore the map below to see where the DHIS2 COVID-19 Packages are being tested and deployed..

What can the DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Package be used for?

The package supports surveillance workflows and automated analysis for key components of routine and active surveillance:

All digital data packages are optimized for Android data collection with the DHIS2 Capture App, which is free to download on the Google Play store.

Do you work in a country that is interested in installing the DHIS2 COVID-19 tracker? Please contact us at

Test Out the DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Demo

Explore the DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Tracker on your own using our online demo database (login required): DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Interactive Demo

Download the DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Package

The following versions of the DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Package are available for download and installation. The COVID-19 configuration package consists of DHIS2 metadata that provides a standard configuration of DHIS2 according to the latest WHO recommendations available

See v 0.3 package release notes for a summary of updates and new components.

Please consult the following package-specific documents before you begin:

The following online resources are also available:

DHIS2 Version Package Version Package Type Documentation Metadata Last Updated
2.33 V 0.3.3 COVID-19 Case-based Surveillance Tracker

COVID-19 Contact Registration and Follow-up Tracker

System Design file

Installation Guide

Metadata file 27 March 2020
2.33 V 0.3.2 COVID-19 Surveillance Event Program System Design File

Installation Guide

Metadata file 27 March 2020




V 0.3.2 COVID-19 Aggregate Surveillance System Design File

Installation guide

2.30 Metadata File

2.31 Metadata File

2.32 Metadata File

2.33 Metadata File

27 March 2020
2.33 V 0.3.1 Points of Entry Screening Tracker System design file

Installation Guide

Metadata file 27 March 2020